Welcome Message from Governor of West Sumatera


Welcome to “ Ranah Minang” the land of Minangkabau, to attend annual event of TIME ( Tourism Indonesia Mart and Expo) in Padang. We would like to sincere our appreciation to the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy to appoint West Sumatera as the venue of the event which held on 18th till 21st October 2013

We are sure that the event would be the best moment to promote and “sell” the beauty of West Sumatera to the entire world to escalate the economic growth of the region.

The new tourism paradigm nowadays is based on events and attractions, where each destination will be known by its specific events.
Tourism in West Sumatera is supported by various events such as Minang foods Festival, Duck Race and Cow Race as our famous traditional events enjoyed by all foreign tourists that have been visiting West Sumatera so far.

West Sumatera is a complete landscape region for having volcanoes mountains, lakes, beaches, canyons and world class surfing sports in Mentawai island and so on as well as the best culinary in the world. This land is also has unique culture known as matrilineal system.

Our deep expectation is your visit to West Sumatera and it will be unforgettable memories and will bring you back here. Welcome to Indonesia, enjoy your visit in Padang and please explore our West Sumatera.

Sincerely yours,



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